Speellijst publieke optredens 2016

16 Dec Vlissingen (NL) Wonderstroom winter festival, BirdMen
1 Dec November 26 & 27, December 3, 4, 7, 10 & 11
Paris (FR) Les Enchanteurs de Noel with Saurus and Characters
10-14 Nov

Rotterdam (NL) 50th ann. European Container terminal, i-Puppets

10 Nov Amsterdam (NL) i-Puppets on waterlooplein (dag van de mantelzorg, Markant)
5 Nov Ardooie (BE), BirdMen in Sint-Maartensstoet (parade) 2016
5 Nov Hackney, London (UK) BlueBirds at hackney fireworks display
31 Oct Bitburg (DE) Halloween Bitburg, BirdMen
29 Oct Keulen (DE) Halloween 2016 in ZOO Coln, BirdMen 
29-31 Oct Derry (IE) Saurus for Halloween rise of the river gods carnival
16 Oct Hasselt (BE) Jeneverfeesten 2016 with i-Puppets
13-22 Oct Wuhzen (CN) Saurus and i-Puppets at Wuzhen International Theater festival
6 Oct Alkmaar (NL) Invasion at the 'Waagplein' Alkmaar Ontzet 2016
2 Oct Staufen (DE) Coloured Wings and BirdMen at Fabelhaftes Staufen 2016
18 Sep Oss (NL) BirdMen at Fantastival
17 Sep Witham (UK) BirdMen at Witham Puppet festival 2016
11 Sep Maastricht (NL) i-Puppets at 'Het Parcours 2016, cultural city event
10 Sep Munster (DE) Close-Act returns to yearly Munster Marathon with Coloured Wings
10 Sep Lauwersmeer (NL) Fenix at festival of birds in national park Lauwersmeer
9 Sep Leiden (NL) Exhibition of a T-Rex in Naturalis, living Saurus appear
31 Aug Izmir (TR) Izmir International Fair in Kultur Park: MALAYA August 31 and September 1, Saurus mobile act September 2 and 4, GLOBE September 3 and 4
28 Aug Leeuwarden (NL) City-theatre, cultural day 2016 with BlueBirds and Fenix
26 Aug Aldeboarn (NL) Gondelvaart Aldeboarn / boatfestival 2016 with BlueBirds
26-27 Aug Singapore (SG) Invasion and parades at national museum, for Singapore Night festival 2016
18-21 Aug Breckenridge (USA) Saurus at BIFA Colorado Brekenridge International Festival of Arts
13 Aug Rotterdam (NL) i-Puppets at Contramusic / Blijdorp Festival
13 Aug Hildesheim (DE) Saurus at Mera Luna festival 2016
13-15 Aug Braine l'Alleud Waterloo (BE) Festival Scottisch days, Saurus  
9-14 Aug Bethelem (US) Saurus and STX at Bethelem's musikfest 2016
6 Aug Noordwijk (NL) BirdMen at festival Cirque des Dunes
6 Aug Rotterdam (NL) Coloured Wings at Crazy - Sexy - Cool 2016 (Magic Fairytale)
5-10 Aug Gradara (IT) Saurus at The Magic Castle festival 2016
30 Jul Mendig (DE) Ars Vulcania cultural festival, saurus
27-31 Jul Wolfsburg (DE) Blue Birds at Autostadt Cirque Nouveau Festival
24 Jul Amsterdam (NL) GayPride Human Rights concert at the Dam, with White Wings
19 Jul Sluis (NL) Saurus at night market city event
16 Jul Telford (Telford and Wrekin UK) Carnival of Giants Southwater parade, Saurus
16 Jul Lauwersoog (NL) Pi-Leau compilation for event brand new harbor
16 Jul Cleethorpe (UK) Saurus at Cleethorpes carnival parade   
13 Jul Vrasene (B) village fair, Saurus
9 Jul Hoogezand (NL) Saurus and STX at the water fleet days 2016
8-10 Jul Deventer (NL) International Theatre Festival Deventer on stilts, Dutch PREMIERE of the BirdMen
2-3 Jul Bar-le-Duc (FR) Festival Renaissances , White Wings and ActRed
1-3 Jul Hamburg (DE) Blue Birds at STAMP festival
29 Jun 29-06 / 03-07 Wolfsburg (DE) i-Puppets at Autostadt Cirque Nouveau Festival
25 Jun Rotterdam (NL) Blue Birds in shopping street/koopgoot
24-25 Jun Scheessel (DE) BirdMen at the Hurricane Festival
24-25 Jun Neuhausen ob Eck (DE) Saurus at the Southside Festival
18-19 Jun Lommel (BE) Suits at Beeldig Lommel theatre festival
14-15 Jun Baden (CH) Saurus at Figura Theaterfestival
14-15 Jun Ann Arbor(USA) Saurus at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival
11 Jun Biddinghuizen (NL) mobile act at Bremerbaai festival
11 Jun Bucharest (RO) GLOBE at B-fit in the street 2016
4 Jun Naarden (NL) Ibiza harbor festival, Blue Birds
3-4 Jun Providence (USA) Saurus at the Providence International Arts Festival
28 May Domburg (NL) Fenix at Statuefestival 2016
28 May Leiden (NL) White Wings at night of the museum 2016
28 May Leeuwarden (NL) an impressive large flock of Saurus appear at Fries Street Theater festival 2016
24 May Eindhoven (NL) technology event Night of the nerds 2016, Rebels
21 May Den Helder (NL) large spectaculair Close-Act parade and mobile acts for grand opening in city (library)
15 May Houthalen-Helchteren (B) Saurus at Extrema festival urban jungle
15 May Turnhout(B) XL-Insects and Diavolo at the "Stadsparkfeesten"
24 Apr Eindhoven (NL) i-Puppets at festival Dream & Dare TU/e
26 Mar Izmir (TR) GLOBE at Izmir International Theater Festival
20-24 Feb Nice (FR) Carnival Parade 2016 with mobile objects, i-Puppets and percussion 
13-16 Feb Blackpool (UK) STX at Blackpools annual circus & performance festival Showzam!
12 Feb 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) Jeronimus Bosch parade with Saurus, Fenix and Aliens
10 Feb Kirkenes (NO) White Wings at Barents Spektakel pikene pa broen   
8-10 Feb Hong Kong (HK) Saurus at the Hong Kong Chinese Newyear Parade 2016
2 Feb Haarlem (NL) BlueBirds. A benefit performance for a refugee centre in Haarlem.