You will be moved!

Like the sea, the crowd finds its way around the obstacles, through the open spaces.

A street theatre spectacle that literally moves the audience. Actors and mobile objects move through and with the crowd. Like the sea people find their way around the emerging obstacles. A unique experience!

A fisherman in love.

Ice is melting, the sea level is rising, and water covers the earth. 
Whalers, divers, and hunters struggle and fight to exist. Their violence threatens to wash away the last, peace-loving fisherman. But then he makes a big discovery…

A mermaid takes him to a hidden world under water, where she and other mermaids live. 
His love for the mermaids becomes a secret that the fisherman needs to hide from his aggressive fellowmen. Can he save them and himself? 
Can he give up his manhood and disappear with the mermaids?

The fisherman fights for his life and his love. To save Sirena he will have to let her go. Forever alone he will remain at the surface, until his death. 

Although he loses his love, he saves the sea and its life…

The best performance to catch!