The wonder of Street Theatre


In THE WONDER OF STREET THEATRE, we take you along on our journey of more than 25 years Close-Act theatre.
Browsing this book, the pictures give you a great insight into what we have created.

The images speak for themselves, but there is still something more.

What’s beyond the pictures?

Together with artists and organizers, we tried to write the complete Close-Act story, from “how we started” to “why we do what we do”.

Key topics like puppetry, stilting, jabber-talk, travelling, funding, creating, rehearsing and performing will pass by.

By reading this book you will become a Close-Act insider.

The wonder of Street Theatre

Graphic design by: Erwin vorstermans


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Book title: The wonder of Street Theatre

Hardcover edition

Price:  €35,00

Pages: 312

Dimensions 240 x 300 x 35mm

Weight 2235g

Publication date: March 2019

Publisher: Close-Act Theatre

Publication Country: the Netherlands

Language: English

ISBN 9789090315683
Graphic design by Erwin Vorstermans