Close-Act Theatre makes street-theatre spectacles for festivals and events. With stilts, mobile objects and beautiful costumes we create an imaginary world for you to enjoy. Le théâtre Close-Act crée des spectacles de théâtre de rue pour les festivals et les événements. Avec des échasses, des objets mobiles et de beaux costumes, nous créons un monde imaginaire dont vous pourrez profiter. Close-Act Theatre hace espectáculos de teatro callejero para festivales y eventos. Con zancos, objetos móviles y hermosos trajes, creamos un mundo imaginario para que disfrutes.


GLOBE visualises the art of liberty and proves flying as supreme happiness.
Close-Act Globe

GLOBE connects people

The spectacle shows the childlike imagination as instrument to enable one to fly. Elders, while growing older, lose this devotion to simplicity. Instead they envy the power of children and let themselves be seduced by superiors and try to crack down the children. They form an army and plan to ban their freedom and flying.

the real world being approached from a childs perspective

GLOBE responds to todays world as caught in a net of financial structures and social class differences. The visual spectacular translation is inspired by current themes from world cultures and universal childrens stories. The story of GLOBE is the real world being approached from a childs perspective. The central character accepts her unprejudiced mind as the truth. Although her imagination is being cherished and cheered but also brutally disturbed, she creates a world that transcends religion, esotericism and cultural traditions.

But it is impossible to win. The children turn to the eternal child Carlson who helps them to gain the sky and become untouchable. Forever the antagonists fight itself. The scenery, a giant globe, is the energetic surrounding for aerialists, dancers, actors and musicians and projections. This stunning, visual performance won't remain in its spectacular structure. When actors fly and float around and above the audience, Close-Act takes possession of the area.

A show for a large audience

GLOBE uses circus techniques, pyrotechnique and video projection/beaming. The ethos is alienating, fairylike, impressive and filled with symbolism.

GLOBE is a visual and interactive show suitable for a large audience circa 5.000 to 10.000 visitors. The performance takes place in and around a big sphere.
Spectators will be approached and surprised from all sides.

Decor grand and impressive

They are spectacularly exposed and accompanied with sound from all sides. This achieves a total perception that reminiscent of pop concerts or mass meetings. The public is literally part of the fantasy world created by Close-Act.

GLOBE stimulates the imagination and the ability to associate of the spectators. The costumes are colourful. By lighting effects and with video projections the performing area seems to move.

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