Close-Act Theatre makes street-theatre spectacles for festivals and events. With stilts, mobile objects and beautiful costumes we create an imaginary world for you to enjoy. Le théâtre Close-Act crée des spectacles de théâtre de rue pour les festivals et les événements. Avec des échasses, des objets mobiles et de beaux costumes, nous créons un monde imaginaire dont vous pourrez profiter. Close-Act Theatre hace espectáculos de teatro callejero para festivales y eventos. Con zancos, objetos móviles y hermosos trajes, creamos un mundo imaginario para que disfrutes.

This an article from the book: The Wonder of Street theater

From the costumes to the design of the large metal objects and props that are used, from initial inspiration to script writing, from artistic content to final direction. If you see Close-Act in action you see the signature work of Hesther Melief and Tonny Aerts.

This artistic duo, that refuses to think ‘within the box’, plays many different roles interchangeably, taking turns among each other doing so.

Artistic leader, writer, visual artist, conceptual designer, director…Who cares!

Yet it is interesting how it all works. One can clearly recognize Tonny’s work as writer of most of the large spectacle shows, while Hesther is the initiator and inspiration behind Pi-Leau and Globe, yet final director for Malaya. One of them may develops a concept for a character and the other decides on colour and texture.

How can two artists collaborate so seamlessly together? By giving each other the freedom and room to create and appreciate each other’s work.

It starts with inspiration, it leads to the creation of a story, the characters in the story get developed, costumes and objects are designed, and you have the scenario for a new show.

Final check: does it feel good? Yes? Let’s produce it!