Esens (DE) Halloween city festival, Saurus (26)

Wevelgem (B) BlueBirds at village fair (16)  
Helmond (NL) BirdMen at H2O festival (15)
Ludwigsburg (DE) Pi-leau parade at 25th anniversary of venezianische messe (7/9)
Munster (DE) Munster marathon 2018, BlueBirds (9)
Den Helder (NL) BirdMen at city event (1)

Den Helder (NL) Pi-Leau at festivities urban development (31)
Overijse (BE) Convoi Birds compilation and Bencha theatre (29)
Beveren (BE) theatre-festival i-Puppets (24) 
Bern (CH) saurus at Busker Bern street-music festival (9/11)

Bapaume (FR) annually parade, Saurus (22)
Menen (BE) Saurus at cityfestival (21)
Certaldo (IT) Mercantia Festival, Saurus (11/15)
Sunderland (UK) White and Coloured Wings at cultural festival of Tall Ship Races 2018 (11/13)
Houthalen (BE) Convoi Exceptionnel PerQ at streettheatrefestival parade (6)
Douai (FR) theatre parade Sin le Noble 2018, Saurus (1)

Baden (CH) Figura Theatrefestival, i-Puppets (15 & 16)
Reykjavik (IS) Saurus at Artfest 2018 (2 & 3)
Maubeuge (FR) annually parade, Saurus (3)
Leiden (NL) The National Museum of Antiquities, i-Puppets (2)
Genk (BE) Per-Q in the O-parade for city of Genk (1)

Lokeren (BE) Saurus at Parkfestival (27)
Oosterhout (NL) cultural festival in the park, i-Puppets (26)
Aalborg (DK) Saurus in Aalborg-carnival-parade (18 & 19)
Horstel-Riesenbeck (DE) BlueBirds at Riesenberger Sixdays (10)
Genk (BE) Per-Q in O-parade 2018 (1)

Harderwijk (NL) Pi-leau compilation for opening ceremony of WaterFront (24)
Blankenberge (BE) BirdMen and Saurus at Strat'e Varia (7)
Fremantle (AUS) BirdMen at Street Arts Festival  (1 & 2)

Fremantle (AUS) BirdMen at Street Arts Festival  (30 & 31)
San Andres Cholula (Puebla) (MEX) Saurus at theatrefestival (18 &19)
Ballarat (AUS) Ballarat White Night, Birdmen (17)

Amsterdam (NL) White Wings welcome athletes winter olympics in olympic stadion (26)
Nice (FR) city parade with Convoi Exceptionnel (24, 25, 27 & 28)
Nijvel (BE) Saurus in carnival parade (18)
Melbourne (AUS) White Night event, Birdmen (17)
Segovia (ES) carnival parade, BirdMen (13)

Vitoria-Gasteiz (ES) kings parade 2017, White Wings and STX