10-26    Esens (DE) Saurus
08-24    Beveren (BE) i-Puppets
08-21     Menen (BE) Saurus
04-07    Blankenberge (BE) BirdMen and Saurus
03-30&31, 04-1&2   Fremantle (AUS) BirdMen at festival in Australia
02-24&25/27&28    Nice (FR) Convoi Exceptionnel
02-18    Nijvel (BE) Saurus in carnival parade
02-13    Segovia (ES) carnival parade, BirdMen
01-05    Vitoria-Gasteiz (ES) kings parade 2017, White Wings and STX

12-17     Macau (MO) Saurus in Macao International Parade 2017
12-17     Loon op Zand (NL) christmas parade with White Wings and drums
12-09    Brussel (BE) BirdMen at Christmas market
12-9&10    Ootmarsum (NL) Per-Q at Christmas fair (kerst&kunst) 2017
12-02    Paris (FR) Close-Act in december show Les Enchanteurs de Noel 2017,
12-2&9  Brussel (BE) Coloured Wings at Christmas market
11-29 / 12-3   Munchen (DE) i-Puppets at Tollwood Winter Festival
11-24     Leuven (BE) Birdmen at Nocturne winter shopping event (option)
11-19     Amsterdam (NL) Close-Act takes part in the parade of St.Niklaas
11-11     Cluj (RO) Anniversary Iulius mall WITH BirdMen, Saurus and I-Puppets
11-09    Leiden (NL) event in centre of old city, i-Puppets and White Wings
11-04    Hackney London (UK) Saurus at Hackney Fireworks Display
10-31    Paris (FR) CWings and Black Shapes at Disney Village Halloween
10-31    De Panne (BE) cityparade with STX
10-31    Paris (FR) Halloween Disneyland Hard Ticket Party, Saurus
10-30    Ottignies (BE) Saurus at Halloween in Bois des Raves
10-30    Bitburg (DE) Halloween city event, Fenix
10-29    Wachtebeke (BE) STX and Saurus at Halloween event Pyenbroeck
10-27&28  Vejle (DK) Saurus at Halloween festival and parade
10-21    Eindhoven (NL) expo DDW 2017 with SUITS
10-11    Schiedam (NL) White Wings at new Euroscoop
10-01    Staufen (DE) SUITS at Fabelhaftes Staufen 2017
09-26    Riyaad (SAU) Glowork fair, Female Career Event, Saurus and presentation by founder of Close-Act
09-23    Wiltz (LUX) festival nuits des lampion 2017, Invasion
09-22/24   Newby Hall & Gardens (UK) Saurus at StrEat Food and Family Fun Festival
09-16    Leiden (NL) festival Night of Arts & Knowledge, Birdmen and i-Puppets
09-12    Anderlecht (B) Saurus at annual market 2017
09-10    Munster (DE) Munster marathon 2017, BirdMen
09-09&10   Leicester (UK) Per-Q and i-Puppets at Harborough Market 2017
09-03    Middenbeemster (NL) BlueBirds at sunday market in the city
09-02&03  Constanta (RO) Saurus at FITIC Romania-International Festival of Independent Theatre
09-02&03   Enschede (NL) Proef-Eet, foodfestival 2017, BirdMen
09-01/03    Hull (UK) Saurus at Freedom Festival 2017
08-26    Roermond (NL) Saurus at 25th edition of Limburg festival
08-26    Tongeren (BE) BlueBirds & Saurus in city parade
08-24/26  Singapore (SIN) GLOBE at 10th Singapore Night Festival
08-19    Waterloo (BE) BirdMen at Battlefield of Waterloo spectacle-event
08-19    Noordwijk (NL) i-Puppets at Cirque des Dunes 2017
08-16/20   Breckenridge (US) BIFA, international festival of arts, BirdMen & Per-Q
08-15    Opwijk (BE) summerevent seventh sense, i-Puppets
08-12    Oostende Saurus at festival Paulusfeesten
08-09    Berg en Terblijt (NL) BirdMen at walking event (wandelvierdaagse 2017)
08-07/12   Bethlehem (US) Musikfest 2017, Per-Q and BirdMen
08-06    Ulft (NL) festival 'Achterhoek spektakel toer' 2017, Fenix - ActRed (with Bencha Theatre)
08-04 / 09   Gradara (IT) Saurus returns at festival Magic Castle 2017
07-30    Haapsalu (Estonia) Saurus at Children Culture Festival Lapsepolvemaagia
07-30    Rotterdam (NL) Shopping sunday 'koopgoot', i-Puppets
07-28&29   Galway (IE) i-Puppets at Galway International Arts Festival 2017
07-23    Heemskerk (NL) festival Summerstage Heemskerk, BirdMen
07-15&16   Esch-sur-Alzette (LUX) BluBirds & i-Puppets at Escher Street Festival 2017
07-15/20    Montreal (CA) 375-year Montreal (Vive 375), Per-Q and BirdMen
07-14/16    Lichtervoorde (NL) Zwarte Cross music festival 2017, i-Puppets
07-14/16    Omaha (US) Saurus at Playing with Fire / Omaha children's museum
07-12/16    Certaldo (IT) Saurus & Wicca at ITF Mercantia Festival 2017
07-08    Noordwijk (NL) BlueBirds at Cirque des Dunes 2017
07-07/09    Deventer (NL) ActRed parade at Int. Street Theatre festival Deventer on Stilts
07-07/09    Bucharest (RO) streettheater festival FITB 2017, BirdMen
07-02/10    Abakan (RU) White Wings at Tchir Tchayan, puppet theatre festival
06-25    Waspik (NL) Halve Zool festival, with BlueBirds & Coloured Wings
06-25    Maasmechelen (BE) BlueBirds at streetartfestival Del Mundo
06-24    Leuven (BE) BlueBirds at festival 'langste dag/longest day'
06-23&24    Scheessel (DE) i-Puppets at Hurricane festival 2017
06-23&24    Neuhausen ob Eck (DE) Saurus and i-Puppets at Southside festival 2017
06-22    Den Helder (NL) Per-Q at Sail Den helder
06-11/13    Voronezh (RU), Saurus at Platonov Festival
06-04    Mainz (DE) Convoi Parade with flying birds at Open Ohr festival
06-03/05    Siegen Hilchenbach (DE) Saurus at festival KulturPur
06-02/05    Dalfsen-Zwolle-Raalte (NL) streettheatrefestival Kunsten op straat 2017, Saurus& Fenix
05-27    Leeuwarden (NL) White Wings at Fryslan streettheatre festival 2017
05-27    Villers-la-ville (BE) Saurus at Les Nuits du Cirque
05-20    Makkum (NL) BlueBirds at the townboulevard (sea)
05-20&21   Aarhus (DK) ILT Festival, Saurus
05-19    Leiden (NL) museum night 2017, STX in the Royal Museum of Antiquities
05-15&18    Lommel (BE) annual event 50 years Center Parcs, Birdmen
05-12    Eindhoven (NL) 100 years Trudo (housing association) with I-Puppets and BlueBirds
05-07    Mechelen (BE) Coloured Wings and drums at childrensfestival 'Mechelen kinderstad'
05-05&06    Paris Eurodisney (FR) Walt Disney Studio area, i-Puppets
05-01    Genk (BE) O-parade 2017, BirdMen & BlueBirds
04-29    Alkmaar (NL) SUITS at shopping night Alkmaar citycentre
04-22    Murcia (ES) Spring festival Parade, Saurus at The Burial of the Sardine
04-16&17    Jemappes (BE) Cavalcade de Quaregnon 2017, Saurus (sun.16) & BlueBirds (mon.17)
04-12    Eindhoven (NL) opening explore lab of Fontys paramedical, i-Puppets
04-12    Maastricht (NL Saurus at opening of the nature park ENCI marle grove
04-08    Hardenberg (NL) Per-Q at Hardenberg city center 2017
03-05    Nijvel (BE) Saurus at theatrical city Carnavalparade
02-18/22    Nice (FR) Saurus parade at Bataille de Fleurs and Corso Carnavalesque
01-05    Madrid (ES) Kingsparade 2017, Coloured Wings and STX